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This is the news archive of articles from 1999.

All of the news is listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the top.

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December 1999

28th December

Merry Christmas
How slack can one person be? Well.. I've been pretty slack recently, with no updates since the 12th!. OK, First I'll say Merry Christmas!. I know it's late, but better late than never :-) OK, here I go.. I'll try to list all the major news installments over the last couple of weeks..

Bebe Neuwirth as Juliette
Accroding to Gist.com, Bebe Neuwirth, who's won two Emmys playing the cooly sarcastic Lillith on Cheers and now Frasier, will become a new recurring cast member on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Beginning with the Dec. 10th episode "Salem and Juliette", Neuwirth replaces the evidently never-credited actress who'd previously voiced Juliette.
Read more here

Yahoo chat transcript
William Hernandez found the complete transcript of MJH yahoo chat, and he's put it on his site. You can read it here

27th American Music Awards
Melissa will appear as a presenter on the 27th American Music Awards, to be shown on January 17. You can read more here

STTW Calendar for 2000
Since Viacom/Hartbreak films/anyone else failed to publish an STTW Calendar for 2000, Rene Scholz, a member of the German and US Melissa mailing lists, has made one up. You can get it from here. However I think that page is in German.. try using babelfish to translate it, or email Rene for help.

Recently I reproduced an article detailing that Melissa's friends call her "Tennsy", well, I've now heard from Kenth Larson that Melissa in fact hates to be called Teensy. There you go! :-)

12th December

Road Dogg Jesse James
Recognise that name? Well, according to the current news on www.wwf.com, the WWF wrestler Road Dogg Jesse James will be starring in an episode of Sabrina to be shown on Friday, February 4.

Still fixing the site
OK, I've run through my site a couple of times now (and that takes a while on a 3k/sec connection) looking for dead links. I'm pretty sure I've found everything, but if you come accross a dead link, please let me know about it, letting me know exactly what the link was, by emailing me here. Thanks! Oh, and BTW, avoid xoom as much as you can.. you don't want to end up in my position.

9th December

Well.. isn't xoom.com just a treasure? Today they decided to delete my account, so you'll notice most of my site isn't working (ie 404s) until I can get it fixed up. If you, or anyone you know would like to offer me some arrangement for hosting for my site, _please_ contact me by email. It would be greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas
It was the last STTW for this year shown the other day, so I now get to spend my time awaiting the return, hopefully early next year.

Drive Me Crazy
Drive Me Crazy was supposed to open on the 2nd December, however it has not.. numerous calls to Hoyts by Karen Wilson and myself have proved fruitless, so now we can only wait and see what will happen. (Why can I smell a straight to video release?).

3rd December

Paula's new house
Paula Hart has just purchased a Sherman Oaks home for about its $2.3-million asking price. The Sherman Oaks house has six bedrooms and eight baths in 7,800 square feet. Built in 1989, the gated home also has 40-foot ceilings, a pool and a spa. You can read the full story here.

Another Biography
Lars Luther found another Melissa Biography, you can read it here

Melissa postcards
Lars Luther is offering digital postcards again, his site is in German, but it's really not hard to use (I've done it before without a problem). Just go here, and click on "Postkarte". You can choose from 7 pictures of Melissa, then just fill in a message and send it to any email address.. If I decide to do any Christmas cards this year.. this is how I'll do it :-)

Really must get around to archiving last months news.. maybe tommorow :-)

2nd December

Sleepy Hollow premiere
Melissa was spotted at the Sleepy Hollow premiere at the Mann Chinese Theatre on November 17 (appalling how long it's taken me to report this)

66000 visitors
Andres Martinez sent me a screenshot of him as the 66000th visitor. You can view it here. (And I'm expecting to get a shot of 70000 too :-)

Big Hit magazine
The December issue of the Aussie magazine "Big Hit" contains a half page article, and full page picture about/of Melissa. I'll scan it when I get around to it.. I've been so busy with the tons of email that comes in everyday.. I'm sorry if I haven't replied to you yet, I _will_ get around to you.

New Melissa winamp skin
A friend sent me a Melissa skin he created for winamp, you can download it from here, or also from the downloads page.

Other Melissa fansite
I received a special request the other day.. Ray Madden asked me to provide a link to his Melissa fansite, which is here.

November 1999

25th November

Article about James
An article appeared in "News of the World" in the UK on November 21st. It's about how James feels about the "cupboard incident". You can read it here.

19th November

Where have I been? What have I been doing? I used to update this site almost daily, and here it is.. over 2 weeks since the last update! That's appalling! Anyway.. here's the update..

Melissa at Youngstar Awards
Melissa hosted the Youngstar awards, broudcast live over the internet, on the 7th of November, it was rebroadcast again on the 9th. (I didn't get to see either, since I'm not on a high enough bandwidth network). Melissa was also supposed to make an appearance in the chat room setup for the event, however Melissa was not in attendence at all.

Article about Melissa
David Bianculli wrote an article about Melissa, and it recently appeared in the Arizona Republic. You can read the article here.

Sabrina trading cards
Available at www.cardkings.com is the box set of the Sabrina trading cards, containing 72 cards. The set costs $50 plus S/H, and is currently only available for preorder, since the set will be released early December.

Melissa in a hottub
Melissa will guest star in "That 70's Show", on November 30, and will be seen in a hottub with Wilmer Valderrama. Read the full story here.

Melissa on ET
Unfortunately an email detailing Melissa's appearance on ET was lost under the 500 or so emails I had to deal with recently (that's where I've been BTW, the emails keep coming as fast as I can deal with them) so I missed capturing/digitising the recent appearance. For interest, it was a story about the upcoming CD-ROM title "Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Brat Attack", starring Emily Hart as the brat.

60000 visitors
Recently my site took its 60000 visitor, Barry Allen was the 60020th visitor, so he sent me a screenshot, you can see it here.

Captain Comics has its say
Well.. it appears that Captin Comics has finally decided how they feel about the recent Silberkleit incident, and has decided to make it public.. You can read it here and also on the Silberkleit page. I think this is the first report to agree with Silberkleit.. actually, I think it might be the first to really express an opinion one way or the other.

4th November

Melissa in Golf Tournament
I now have a URL relating to Melissa's golf tournament, you can read about it here.

2nd November

Melissa will be a celebrity golfer in the 1999 Canon Charity Invitational in Las Vegas, which takes place on the 14th November, at the "The Revere at Anthem Golf Course", to raise money for the "National Center for Missing and Exploited Children".

Review of STTW
Steven Isaac reviewed Sabrina the Teenage Witch, you can read the review here.

50000 visitors!
My site, sometime recently, took its 50000 visitor. I wonder how long off 100000 is :-)

Melissa at Planet Hollywood
Melissa made an appearance at Planet Hollywood recently, with Britney Spears. you can see some of the pictures on Planet Hollywood's site, here.

For Melissa
Steven Douglas will soon be making available an album for Melissa, called "For Melissa" :-) You can read the track listing here. I hope to be getting a copy as soon as they're available.

October 1999

26th October

Melissa on MTV
Melissa hosted MTV's "Total Request Live", with Britney Spears on the 28th September. See a picture here.

Daily Wire
Article about Melissa in "Daily Wire with Christopher Spinder". you can read it here.

Youngstar awards
Melissa and Donny Osmond will be hosting the Youngstar awards on the 7th of November. It will be netcast live, and you can watch it by going here.

25th October

Melissa in LA Daily
There was an article about Melissa in the October 7th issue of the LA Daily, in the Tempo section. I finally got around to making it available here. You can read it here.

19th October

Melissa not for big screen
According to Kristen Baldwin, Melissa is not meant for the big screen. Kristen makes a few good points, but I really don't think she's right on the whole.. Read the article here.

Melissa in Tribute magazine
Read the article here.

Article in Baltimore Sun
Read the article about Melissa's recent actions here. Very interesting.

13th October

Item on eBay
Donald L Ferry found a very interesting item on eBay recently.. View it here.

National Enquirer
They've heard about the recent controversy now too, here's their story.

SNICK house party
Melissa will be hosting the first SNICK house party to support the "new look" SNICK with 2 new shows premiering. Read about it all here

Melissa table dancing
OK, settle down, maybe that headline was misleading, but isn't that what headlines are for? :-) Anyway, Melissa was dancing on tables and chairs the other night, along with eight other women, celebrating a birthday. Read the story here (about 2/3rds down the page).

11th October

Sabrina goes to Japan
The Hollywood Reporter for the 7th October contains a story about a deal that's been made between the International TV division of Paramount, and Japan's "Movie Tele-vision", which will mean a lot of Paramount productions will be shown in Japan, including Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Clarissa goes to India
The Wednesday October 6th issue of Hollywood Reporter contains a feature on Nickelodeon's alliance with "Zee Network", the major cable/satellite TV carrier in India, and details the fact that a 24 hour Nick channel will launch on October 16th. After waffling on for a while, it outlines some of the Nickelodeon shows scheduled, which includes Clarissa Explains It All.

Silberkleit's issue
The Silberkleit issue page has been updated again.

8th October

"Allen Report Question of the Week"
There's another poll about whether Melissa should quit Sabrina.. it's here. Hurry, 'cause it will only be up until Monday.

7th October

Not much happening
No real news, so I've spent a while looking through a few log files on my server, I'll just take this chance to say hi to all the Military people who've looked at my site, including the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard. Oh, and I'll mention the US Departments of Justice, Energy, and Commerce while I'm at it. Also hi to Disney, Intel, Apple, and NASA. Hope you enjoy my site! :-)

5th October

25000 visitors
My website took its 25000th visitor a couple of hours ago, I don't have a screenshot of 25000, but I do have 25003 :-) (hey, near enough is good enough :-) View it here.

4th October

I was halfway through the daily update yesterday, when someone nicely decided to cut my net connection, losing what I'd done. I can't find the original stories and URLs I was going to include, so I'll just write it off..

Netscape open Directory
My site has acheived a "cool site award" in the Netscape Open Directory, it's listed here.

Silberkleit's issue
Another update to the Silberkleit issue, this time "TV Now" has its say.

Star magazine
Melissa was in Star magazine recently (5th October), you can see the page from the magazine scanned and the text transcribed here..

1st October

Michael Silberkleit
More stories have come out about the legal action Michael Silberkleit has taken. You can read them here. I intend to keep updating this page with all the news and stories relating to this incident.

Maxim interview
I've updated the Maxim page, it now contains the text of the interview. After reading it, I'm not surprised that Michael Silberleit has reacted to it. Read the interview here.

17000 visitors
Barry Allen was the 17000 visitor, and he sent me a screenshot, you can view it here.

Old news
Since it's the first of the month, I really should purge the news.. maybe I'll do it in a couple of days :-)

September 1999

30th September

The end of STTW?
It seems that Michael Silberkleit, who owns the trademark of the Sabrina character is not impressed with Melissa's behaviour recently. He's demanding that Melissa apologise for the recent appearances in Maxim, Bikini, and Movieline, for both the photos and the text of the interviews they contained, or have her contract terminated. Read the full text here.

I've had a couple of reports of the pictures on my site not working.. I've investigated the situation, and I'm pretty sure I've rectified the problem. If you find any pictures that only half display (ie stop about half way down) and don't work even if you refresh, then please email me with which picture on which page, and I'll fix it.

NY Daily
An article about Melissa in the New York Daily News recently, read it here.

29th September

Melissa postcards
Click here to go to a page where you can send postcard emails. The site is in Spanish, so a quick translation: "Para" is "To", "De" is "From", and the check box below I believe has something to do with being notified when the postcard is recieved. I'm not sure what the buttons say, and I haven't tried them, but I think the left one is to send the postcard.

News about making of balloon scene in DMC
From here, comes some information about the making of the balloon scene in Drive Me Crazy. The relevant excerpt is here.

28th September

Little Melissa
Since this is a fansite for Melissa, I thought I'd have to make available these pictures I was pointed at recently.. first, second, and third. Enjoy! :-)

Why they call Melissa "Teensy"
An article was on KSL.com rcently, it's here.

Melissa to buy nightclub
Melissa was turned away from a nightclub recently, and as a result has decided to buy the nightclub. I wonder if Melissa will change the name of the nightclub after its purchase, that could have some serious marketing potential. You can read the full story here

Melissa in TV Guide
Melissa is interviewed for the October 2-8 TV Guide.
You can get the scans of TV guide and the text of the interview here.
Thanks to Andrew Marchand for the scans.

Bare Witch Project
Article about Melissa in the New York Post, read it here.

Melissa in Playboy
I've been informed that there was a discussion on the radio about Melissa recently, and in particular the fact she supposedly "OK'd" a deal with Playboy magazine on Saturday. I would like to treat this is as a rumour at this stage, until I can get some more information.

26th September

It seems a few people lately have been sending me email feedback, and I think that there are more people who'd like to, but can't be bothered to send me an email. I've now spent a few hours configuring and testing a guestbook. You can view it here and add to it here.

10000 visitors
10000 came and went, (and 11000 while I'm at it :-) I haven't recieved any contact from the 10000th person yet, so I'm not really expecting to. Maybe I need to get a life. :-)

25th September

More changes.. I found that the stupid looking xoom bar was interfering with my javascript menu, to the point where the menu wouldn't work.. after mucking around with a lot of HTML, and symbolic links, I think I now have the site working near to how it worked when I was running it locally.
If you find anything that doesn't work, or returns an error, please let me now by emailing with what page you were trying to get to, or what link you were clicking on, and what browser you were using. Thanks.

Vote for my site
I found another place that takes votes for websites, so you can vote for mine by clicking here.Thanks!

Elizabeth Hart
Oops.. I nearly forgot to mention that it's Elizabeth Hart's 19th birthday today. Happy Birthday! :-)

10000 visitors
OK, you might be seeing this before the counter says 10000, but that's just because I'm impatient and I couldn't wait to update the page :-)
If you do get 10000, I'd like a screenshot if possible. :-)

24th September

Expensive website
Melissa, if you're reading this, you're the most expensive woman I've ever known :-)
This website has now had to be moved to xoom.com, due to the bandwidth it's been using. Apologies for the "xoom bar" above.

Maxim pictures
More Maxim pictures have surfaced, they're available on the Maxim page.

Tonight Show
Melissa was on the Tonight Show recently, a few vidcaps are available on the Tonight Show page.

8000 visitors
Yet again, another 1000 visitors in the last day :-)

23rd September

7000 hits
Not much of interest in Melissa's world happening today, the only news is that my fansite has just taken its 7000th visitor.. my site seems to be evening out at about 1000 visitors per day, this is great! Thanks to all the people who visit my site, I just hope you like it as much as I like running it.

22nd September

Yahoo chat fraud
I suspect the "live" Yahoo chat with Melissa that took place yesterday was a fraud. I have been contacted personally by someone who was very upset with the events that took place, and since then I have recieved contact from other people also suspicious of the chat. The full story is on the Yahoo chat page here.

6000 visitors
Wow! I took my 5000th visitor only yesterday!
Thanks to everyone who visits this site, it's a hit rate like this that helps keep me motivated to update it every day!

Mini fansite
In the process of rectifying the traffic problem yesterday, I have now set up a "mini fansite", which will just present the latest news about Melissa. Instead of me rambling on trying to describe it, you might as well just click here to look for yourself (look out for the popup! :-)

21st September

This website
As you would have seen if you tried to come here today, this website had been pulled down due to the amount of traffic it has been generating.
Hopefully that problem has now been rectified, and I'm glad to say the site is back online.
Apologies to anyone trying to visit this site today.

Melissa's chat on Yahoo
I missed most of Melissa's chat while I was putting together today's "Dish" article about Melissa. The partial transcript of the chat is here.

Melissa in "Dish"
I've copied today's TV Guide's "Dish", you can read it here.

5000 visitors
I thought it would be good the day I took my 5000th visitor, but it only added insult to injury, relating to the network traffic issue.

20th September

Bikini page updated (again)
Now the full text of Melissa's interview is available on the bottom of the Bikini page. (Wow.. over 1000 people have been to this page).

19th September

Bikini page updated
All of the full size pictures from October's issue of Bikini magazine are now available on the Bikini page.

Yahoo Chat
Karen Wilson has converted the chat time, of 8PM ET 20th September, which works out to be 1PM AEST (21st)

ET appearances
Nothing new, I've just made the larger version of the video of Melissa at the premiere of Big Daddy available again. It's on the ET appearances page.

17th September

Fun with Yahoo chat
Well, it seems that the chat with Melissa on Yahoo was originally reported as being on the 20th, then it was apparently changed to the 27th according to the events page at Yahoo, and then it changed back again.. So when actually is it? Hillary has confirmed that it is on the 20th.
The transcript will be available ASAP after the event.
You can find some information about it here.

15th September

September/October upcoming events
I've finally got around to putting the upcoming events up.. here they are:
Sep 21 MJH on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'
Sep 20 MJH chat at Yahoo!
Sep 22 DMC premiere
Sep 24 MTV 'Drive Me Crazy Movie Special'
Sep 28 MJH and Britney Spears host MTV's 'TRL'
Oct 01 DMC opens in theaters
Oct 05 MJH on 'The Late Late Show with Craig Kilbourn'

I'll make information about each event available after it occurs..

14th September

Typos galore
I finally got around to analysing my access_log again, and wow.. I must have been having a bad week.. the last few pages I've coded have had tons of typos and bad links in them, hopefully I've found and rectified them all now. If you get a 404 error at anytime, please email me about it, 'cause I hate to see my access_log full of 404s, and to see that about 50 people have recieved that 404 (as happened on both the Teen People and Maxim pages).

12th September

My Fandom
OK, after looking over some of the stuff I've written recently, I realised how egotistical and small minded I've been. I also realised the fact that I'm more a fan of Sabrina than Melissa, and that's why I've had the opinions about Bikini and Maxim that I've expressed. I'm now going to try to be a fan of Melissa, meaning that I will not dislike the recent pictures as much as I have said I do. More comments are on the associated pages.

11th September

Melissa in October issue of Maxim
Well.. I can't say I like these pictures in the least.. After seeing these, it took me about 8 hours to get my thoughts in order enough to put my feelings into words. The best I can do is comparing my feelings to being kicked in the head. OK, here are the pictures.

10th September

Melissa in the October issue of TV Hits
I've gone right through the October issue of TV Hits a couple of times now, and I've scanned all the Melissa content that I could find. All the pitures and comments are here.

Melissa in Teen People
Thanks to Charles Schultz, I can now provide the Drive Me Crazy/Lycra ad from October's issue of Teen People, it's here.

8th September

Melissa in Bikini magazine
I received an email today, containing a couple of pictures regarding the October issue of Bikini magazine. I've setup this page to present the pictures, and my comments.

New Drive Me Crazy website
Fox Movies have now put up this page, for Drive Me Crazy. I've only had a quick look at it, but the first thing I'll say is "Psychadelic colour scheme baby!" :-)

Hart Attack films
According to the story on this page Melissa jokes about starting a division of Hartbreak films, called "Hart Attack Films". Lots of other interesting info here.

More Articles
Donald Ferry found a page relating to STAS.
it is here.

7th September

MJH chat client
I've now made available this chat page allowing you to easily connect to the MJH fanchat channel. It's actually on a German server, so you can expect the members to be speaking German, although in my experience there's always someone who'll speak English as soon as you start.

Uncle Quigley
OK, I tried to resist this, but I just have to point out the fact there is "Uncle Quigley" in the new "Sabrina the Animated Series", and by some co-incidence, my surname is Quigley. I realise it's just a weird co-incidence, but I still think it's pretty cool :-)
Maybe this means I'll (eventually) hear Melissa say my name.. that's a cool thought :-) Why eventually? Because STAS is not shown here, and probably never will be.. :-(

3000 visitors
Sometime recently my website took it's 3000th visitor.

Upcoming Movies
Karen Wilson found this page and also this page about Drive Me Crazy.

Not too friendly review of STAS
Lars Helstrom found this page reviewing "Sabrina The Animated Series" (STAS), and it doesn't give a very friendly review.. I haven't actually seen STAS, and it will probably be years before I see an episode, so I can't give my opinion on either the show, or this review.

6th September

Sabrina Animated Series
"Sabrina the Animated Series" premieres today, on "Disney's One Too". The series features Melissa as the voices of Aunts Hilda and Zelda, and Melissa's sister Emily Hart, as the voice of Sabrina. Read more here.

5th September

Miscellaneous articles concering Melissa
Thanks to Aozotorp, I have this page with a few articles about Melissa and STTW.

New Photo galleries
A couple of new photo galleries are up on ABC.com, one for the Britney Spears episode here and another gallery for Sabrina down under here. These links thanks to Andrew Marchand.

Info about Drive Me Crazy soundtrack

Clicking on the banner will take you to the official website for Drive Me Crazy, which contains information about the soundtrack, and the possibility of getting a free soundtrack sampler.

New Winamp Skins
Thanks to Andrew, I can point you to this page, where you can then click on "Celebridades". The first of three Melissa skins is on the bottom of this page, the other two are on page two of "Celebridades".

4th September

Sabrins Down Under press release
The press release for Sabrina Down Under is here.

More info about season 4
The ABC website has this page about the fourth season of STTW. The fourth season will commence on the 24th September (in the US).

Britney Spears online chat
Britney will chat on ABC.com on September 13

Melissa postcards
Clicking here will take you to a page where you can fill in a form, and send someone (or yourself :-) a Melissa postcard email.

Win a trip to Drive Me Crazy premiere
Entering the competition on this page will give you a chance to win a trip to the premiere of Drive Me Crazy on September 22nd. I don't wish you luck winning the competition, I wish you luck qualifying to enter the competition (ie I don't qualify yet again).

2nd September

Britney on STTW
Musiccentral on MSN has this page, which contains information about Britney's appearance on the season premiere of Sabrina.

Sabrina CDROM "Entertainment Title"
Here and here are pages about the new CDROM "Entertainment Title" Melissa has worked on, along with Emily.
These links are thanks to Ken.

1st September

Fourth series of STTW
From this page comes information about the fourth series of STTW, and contains details such as the fact that it appears most of the cast have been left behind with the end of the third series. Sabrina is leaving school, and a few other major changes have been made to the series, including the introduction of the new cast members, to support the recent incidents with minority groups being represented on TV.
I'm not sure how I feel about it all at this stage, I haven't really had time to absorb it, although I don't like the fact that Valerie and Libby have been dropped, like someone said recently, "It's getting dangerous to be Sabrina's friend" (referring to Jenny, and now Valerie) and it doesn't appear to help being her enemy either.

August 1999

August 31st

STTW season 4 premiere
According to the Entertainment Asylum, STTW kicks off its fourth season on 24 Sep 1999. Read about it here.From this page, you can go to their page for STTW and find various polls that involve Melissa. When I checked the "favorite April birthday girl" poll, Melissa was losing by less than 1%, but Melissa is winning in the "best teenaged witch of the 90's" poll.

Emily Hart in online chat
From this page comes information about Emily Hart's online chat about her new animated series, "Sabrina, the Animated Series".
The chat is on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.
The chat will be here.

"L'Oreal/Paris Summer Music Mania '99
Both this page and this page contain slightly different stories about this event. Both contain information about an interview with Melissa. Can't wait to find out more about this event, showing on Tonight at 8pm (EST)

No warlocks
A reasonably humerous (IMHO) story is here, about the fact there are no male witches, or warlocks, and other funny facts, like the price of caldrons going up due to a shortage, caused by the discontinuation of manufacture.

29th August

Full page ad for Drive Me Crazy
Melissa appears in both Twist (Oct 99) and Jump (Oct/Nov 99) promoting Drive me Crazy. It shows Mel with long straight red hair, beautiful blue eyes, wearing what appears to be a low-cut number, a strapped affair, but not spaghetti straps (they are a bit wider, like bra straps). Since she is posing behind Adrian Grenier, it is all not that clear.
At the bottom of the page is the parental warning message:
And then the debut: "October 1 only in theaters".
This info thanks to Eric Burkhart.

27th August

Drive Me Crazy trailer
Again, thanks to Andrew, I have this URL where you can download or stream the Drive Me Crazy trailer. I've also mirrored the downloadable video here, it's 10MB. The trailer runs for 2 1/2 minutes.

Drive Me Crazy music video
OK, we've all seen the making of this music video (well, some of us anyway), and the ET appearance for this video (if not it's on my ET page now), and now you can see the full video. Thanks to Karen Wilson, here's the page.

Link fixed
Whoops.. I made a typo while coding this page on the 25th.. the 800x600 picture's link didn't work (and I missed testing this one). It's fixed now.

26th August

Drive Me Crazy posters
Thanks to Andrew Marchand, I have two pictures of the Drive Me Crazy poster. See it here and here.

Drive Me Crazy in Australia
According to Fox Films and this page, Drive Me Crazy will be released sometime in February next year.

Drive Me Crazy in Germany
First of all: "Drive Me Crazy" is being released as "Next to You" in Germany (the films original title), anyway, I now have the release date for Next to You, 17th February 2000, thanks to this page.

25th August

New Picture
Andre Goesecke pointed us at this pic which I haven't seen before. I think it might be time I changed my X desktop..
I've resized this, and it's available here for people who run in 800x600.

24th August

Melissa on ET
This is some unfortunate news.. Melissa was seen on ET in the US last Friday, and ET is localised here, which results in it being shown 2 days later. Melissa should have been on today's ET, but it seems that during the localisation Melissa's story was cut. It wasn't strictly about Melissa, actually about the recent incident with the nationality of actors in American shows. Now I think about it, not one report of that has made its way over to Australia..
A similar incident happened a couple of weeks ago, Melissa wasn't seen, because it was a related story.. I'm starting to wonder if there's some motive behind the fact we haven't seen any of these reports.

22nd August

Girl magazine
Melissa is in the Fall 1999 issue of 'Girl' magazine in the Entertainment section, in the 'girlscoop' column on page 71.
The article is about upcoming films, and the soon-to-be released film "Next to You" (now retitled "Drive Me Crazy").
Read the mini-synopsis here.
This info thanks to Eric Burkhart.

Airing date for Sabrina Down Under
From this page we have the airing date of Sabrina Down Under, of Spetember 26th.
See the countdown at the top of this page.

20th August

CosmoGIRL scans
Thanks to Andrew Marchand the scans from CosmoGIRL are finally available. Here's the page for the scans.

19th August

The Specials!
This movie's shooting was finished last December, and is now nearly finished with the effects process. Briefly, it seems to be Mystery Men combined with Spinal Tap. At this stage we have no idea when it will be released, or how good it will be. (Although it has Melissa in it, so that guarantees that I'll think it's good).
Details, and some stills, at the Coming Attractions site.
Melissa stars as "Sunlight Grrrl", leader of the rival supergroup "The Femme Five".
Another site for the movie is here. (I haven't had a chance to fully look at this yet, but from what I've seen it looks pretty good).

18th August

New Melissa polls
Visit this page to view a list of polls Melissa has been nominated in, and then you can vote for her in each one :-)
Come on people, I just visited all of the polls Melissa is in, and the voting for her so far is apalling! Only 6 people have voted STTW as their favourite TV show!

17th August

New scans
I've just gone through my small collection of magazines containing Melissa, and found a few things I'd missed. I've added a new scan to the girlfriend page, I found a postcard from Melissa. Some of the old magazine pages will change as I add images to them that I missed when I created them, so you might want to check all the magazine pages again.

Melissa on ET
Check the ET appearances page for the videos.

16th August

Melissa in Star magazine again
Eric Burkhart has provided the text of a Melissa related article in August 24's Star magazine, relating to Melissa's attire at the Teen Choice Awards. Read it here. Thanks to Donald Ferry for the scan.

New fanmail address
Gordon emailed me to tell me that an fanmail address he found works, it's actually the address I used when I sent Melissa her birthday card. Gordon had a picture signed within two weeks of posting it!

Melissa in Globe magazine
Thanks to Donald Ferry, the scan of Melissa in Globe is here.

14th August

Melissa at Teen Choice Awards
I had an update to Melissa at the Teen Choice Awards, so now I've starting putting together a page to collect all the information and pictures etc relating to this. Thanks to Andrew, he gave me some information leading me to start the page. You can read it here. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures yet.. but I'm working on it.

Melissa in TV Hits, September 1999
I recieved an email yesterday, (well, I recieved quite a few actually :-), but one I recieved was asking me why I hadn't put the scans from the September issue of TV Hits on my site yet. I had been looking at the issue on the stands for a couple of weeks, without actually realising it contained part two of Melissa's interview. It's now finally converted to HTML (the text of the interview), which is here, and I've also done the scans of the images.

Sabrina/CosmoGIRL competition
Don't get excited, this isn't a new competition, it's just a reminder of the competition I reported about earlier. The entry is here. The reason I'm reporting this again is because the entry closes tomorrow.

13th August (Friday 13th!)

Melissa at the Teen Choice Awards
As mentioned previously, Melissa Joan Hart was seen on the "Teen Choice Awards" on the Fox network. Melissa first appearance is a few seconds of screen time about 11 minutes into it, but since she was one of the names listed in the beginning, there must be more than that.
Vidcaps and clips will follow as available.
Thanks to Eric Burkhart for the information about the TCA

Melissa in Star magazine
Thanks to Aozotorp, I have made available the text from Melissa's article in Star magazine. You can read it here.

11th August

Melissa at Teen Choice Awards
According to the Teen Choice Awards website, Melissa is scheduled to appear at the 1999 Teen Choice Awards. There's no extra information than that there, that I can find, although that website does suggest checking www.seventeen.com, possibly for extra info.

"Celebrity Poop"
I think that was as attractive to type as it was for you to just read, anyway, Celebrity Poop has a page of celebrities, and, you guessed it, their dogs. It lists Melissa as having "Pele", the dalmation.

Can't Hardly Wait
Here's a review of Can't Hardly Wait, along with another movie, "Dazed and Confused".
I didn't know what to think after reading the first three sentences:
"In the movies I grew up watching, the last day of school was a historic celebration. Breasts were bared. Pants went around the ankles."
I was thinking "Just what the hell kind of movie is this one??", then I realised that the review hadn't actually started yet..

Long Beach Grand Prix
This is a celebrity quotes page, which has some quotes possibly from Melissa, it's not really clear. Anyway, on that page, scroll about half way down, until you find "Hot Wheels".

Thanks to Donald Ferry for all of today's links

Internet Awards
I've probably whinged to you about it by now, but now I've decided to pull all the stuff relating to voting for my site in the "Australian Internet Awards" off my site. (For those few I haven't whinged to, the voting closed, and I didn't achieve anything). I'm not really that worried about it now. Anyway, the reason I'mm telling you this is so you can tell me if you see anything relating to voting for my site.. (besides the old news articles)

9th August

Melissa in "Nickelodeon" magazine
Thanks to Eric Burkhart, he found a copy of the October 1997 issue of Nick magazine, and generously provided a full copy of the text of Melissa's interview. I've converted it to HTML, and you can read it here.
In the email, Eric said he couldn't provide the pictures, and that you should ask either Donald Ferry or myself (he described us as "the masters of instant visual gratification") and he said that it was a mystery to him why we didn't have them already. My only explanation for this is that I can only make available things I can get my hands on, one way or another :-)

Melissa in "Celebrity Hairstyles" magazine
Thanks to Eric again, here's a picture of Melissa from the November issue of "Celebrity Hairstyles" magazine.

8th August

I've found a few links
These links have come from a few places, mostly the Melissa related newsgroups.
Ultimate TVShow List reasonable info, and a few good links
USA weekend an interview with Melissa
Melissa explains it all Melissa answers a few quick questions
Next to You a brief outline of Melissa's new movie, now called "Drive me crazy" (although this page doesn't acknowledge this)

7th August

Melissa's HotWheels track (cont)
I just got around to checking Melissa's HotWheels track auction again, it closed on the 19th of July, and the winning bid was.. wait for it.. $380!!
I was considering bidding $70 on it, when I was watching the auction early in the piece (I didn't really work it out, but $70USD would be over $100AUD).. no way I could afford to bid $380.. I don't know what that coverts to in AUD, but it would probably be more than I earn in three weeks..
You can check the auction for yourself here.

6th August

Internet Awards voting closed
The voting in the Australian Internet Awards closed a couple of hours ago. As far as I can tell, I didn't achieve anything, and neither did Karen's site. Oh well, maybe we'll have better luck next time. I guess I can pull down all the voting junk now..

5th August

Vote for my website!
I'm getting last minute panics.. only a few hours left for you to vote in the Australian Internet Awards.. please vote for my site, I'd love to get the recognition for Melissa. Instructions for voting are here. Quick! vote now! :-)

ET appearances updated
I had a request for a higher quality version of Melissa's recent appearance, as a result I have now made available a much better (IMHO) quality of the video. the new one is 1300k. ET appearances page is here

My fansite has moved
Hopefully you weren't able to tell that I've moved my website, it was intended to be a transparent move, but apparently at least one person noticed something was going on :-)
There's a high possibility that there will be broken links now (I checked everything, but you always seem to miss something), so if you notice and problems, errors etc, please email me about it.

My fansite takes 2000 hits!
Sometime last night someone was the 2000th visitor to my website, when I hit 1000 visitors, the 1000th visitor was nice enough to send me a screenshot (check the old news). Maybe the 2000th visitor has a screenshot sitting on their hard drive?
I suppose I could always roll the counter back, to allow someone else to be the 2000th visitor :-)

4th August

Melissa in "BigHit" Magazine
I've scanned the article from the August 1999 edition of "BigHit" magazine about Britney Spears, which has a picture of Melissa, and the article mentions Melissa. You can see it here

ET appearances updated
Melissa was on ET recently, at the "Teen Choice Awards". Get the video from the ET Appearances page. I've also finally done the video of Melissa's appearance on ET almost a month ago.

Melissa interviewed about CosmoGIRL
Melissa was asked about how she felt about being the first covergirl etc.
Grab the rm file.

"Body Poll" reset
The "Best Body" Poll has been reset, due to fraudulent voting, so go to the poll here and vote for Melissa once a day

"Best Legs" Poll
Here's another chance to make Melissa win a poll, go here and vote for Melissa once a week

3rd August

Melissa in a couple of mags
I've had these texts for a while, and I've finally got around to coverting them to HTML:
Melissa's article in "Maxim", here
and Melissa in FHM, with the blurb corrected by Donald Lancon Jr, here.

2nd August

STTW hour gets the chop
One of the worst possible scenarios has occurred.. I'll say right now, it could be worse, but I don't see how much.. The second half hour of STTW has been bumped off by the totally useless seven network, and they've replaced our repeat episode of STTW with "Teen Angel". Of what I've seen of "Teen Angel", it looks like complete crap..
I'm getting really close to calling Foxtel now, or selling my TV. If the remaining STTW time is chopped, free to air TV will have nothing to offer me anymore.

July 1999

27th July

Melissa in August's "TV Hits"
Part 1 of "Sabrina Down Under" is in August's "TV Hits", I just bought my copy. I have the two pages scanned, you can see the scan here, I've spliced the two pages into one wide pictures, (about 1550x1100 I think), but a quick warning, it's over 500k. (Gee Australian magazines make me cringe).

26th July

Melissa in Movieline Magazine
You might have seen the previous news item regarding Melissa on the cover of Movieline Magazine, now, thanks to Donald Lancon Jr, you can now read the entire interview here.

25th July

Melissa in 'Bikini' mag
Eight Melissa fansite webmasters (not including me) recieved an e-mail from the Senior Editor of 'Bikini' magazine.
One of the webmasters who did recieve it forwarded it to me, and the gist of it is that the October issue will feature Melissa on the cover and in an exclusive interview and photo shoot, possibly with a pull-out poster.
The magazine should be available around the 20th September

22nd July

Melissa in "Dish"
Melissa provided a few comments for TV Guide's "Daily Dish", under the headline "Melissa Joan Hart does her best to protect her little sister".
You can read it on www.tvguide.com today, or read it here, mirrored on my site.

19th July

Melissa nudity issue
I suppose I had better start this story with "Settle down!!", as there are NO nude pictures of Melissa, and that's what the issue is about, the fact _everyone_ who has commented on this (including me), has an opinion of "let's keep it that way" (or words to that effect).
Some people have expressed really good points, like the fact that Melissa "has an air of mystery about her", and we all want to keep that, also, people have pointed out that its Melissa's choice, and we'd all eventually have to "get over it".
Anyway, depending on how this issue continues, I might put together a page with excerpts of everyone's points and opinions, and I'll do it anonymously, as no-one seemed too eager to submit their opinion for such a page to me..

Is this Melissa?
We've been presented a challenge by the German Melissa fanlist, we have to decide if this is Melissa.
I've spent about 20 minutes looking at it, initally I thought "no way", but I'm really not sure now, but there's just something about it that doesn't look like Melissa to me, so I don't think it is. That's just IMHO. Have a look for yourself, and see if you can decide for yourself :-)
If you like, after you've decided, you could email me to tell me what you've decided, purely for a statistical purpose..(oh, and I'll tell you if it is or not :-)

18th July

Melissa fanmail address
During all of the recent posts regarding the movie rename, and the authenticity of the mails etc, we were informed of Melissa's true fanmail address:
Melissa's fan club address is:

Melissa Joan Hart
c/o ABC
2040 Ave. of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Any other address doesn't actually reach her. This is the one and only address where fan mail is accepted.

17th July

"Next To You" renamed.. (cont)
It's now apparent that the rename is in fact authentic. "Next To You" has now officailly been renamed to "Drive Me Crazy".
This offically makes me an egotistical idiot, according to one of the Clarissa list members, for expressing that the informing emails were a hoax (IMHO).
We've now had contact from Paula Hart, confirming that it is in fact true.
I can only speculate on what the motivation for the change could possibly be, but it seems most likely to appeal to Britney Spears', since her song "Drive Me Crazy" appears in the movie (at least on the soundtrack).
I was going to ride this through to the end, swearing that this was a hoax, but contact from Paula Hart is more than enough to convince me. Now I need to find a way to retract my idiotic opinions..

Melissa's HotWheels track..
I just checked Melissa's HotWheels track auction again, the minimum bid is now up to $105!! Melissa should do more charity related events, just look how much money she raises!

16th July

"Next To You" renamed
Well, it now could possibly be authentic, that Melissa's new movie, which was called "Next To You" up until now, has now been renamed to "Drive Me Crazy", and is supposed to open on October 1st (in the USA).
I am still extremely skeptical that it is true, since the email notification came from an AOL address (which I'm dubious to trust), when I tried to write the email off as a hoax, it resulted in me being called an idiot, and egotistical.. why an I telling you this? Because I can deal with it.
Anyway, it appears that the AOL'er that first informed one of the other Clarissa mailing list members is possibly Hillary.
I'm still not convinced though, and I don't think I will be, until a movie called exactly "Drive Me Crazy" starring Melissa is released in October, or thereabouts.. That will be the only thing that convinces me of the name change. (ie I'm intending to claim this is a hoax until the end..)

My fansite takes 1500 visitors
I don't think the headline needs much explaining..

15th July

Melissa in "Got Issues Much?"
Scholastic has a released a new book, called "Got Issues Much?". You can see about it here.
Melissa's excerpt is here, and I've also mirrored it on my site here.

Vote for Melissa
A couple of sites have popped up containing polls, where you can vote for Melissa. the first is the "Miss Celebrity Stars Best Body Title" (just click on "Melissa Joan Hart" in the list).
Another vote site that was found, is this one, where you can vote on who should star, if any or all of David Eddings' books were made into movies etc.

Melissa's HotWheels track..
Just checked the Auction for this again, the high bid has gone up to $53 now, requiring a minumum bid of at least $54

Lots of visitors..
My fansite has taken over another 60 visitors in the last 24 hours or so.. I guess those Girlfriend magazine scans must be really popular! :-) (BTW, those scans have now made their way over to David Garbutt's site, at www.mjhfan.com)
If you've looked at my scans, and the rest of my site, and really like my site, please vote for it. As I've mentioned once or twice before :-) I'd really _love_ to win!

14th July

Melissa's HotWheels track..
The charity fund raiser selling autographed pieces of the world's longest HotWheels track has finally appeared on eBay.
The page listing all the autographed pieces is here
Melissa's auctioned piece is here
The photo of Melissa's piece is on this page
And the story about the auction is here
I thought about bidding, but currently I would have to bid $52 US, which is roughly $83 Australian, and I had a look at the photo of Melissa's piece, and I frankly can't afford it, although I would love to have it :-)
Even if I did bid the $52, I would probably be outbid in about 3 seconds, or sniped at the last minute, which has happened in every eBay auction I've ever bid in.

Lots of visitors..
My fansite took over 60 visitors in the last 12 hours or so.. I guess those Girlfriend magazine scans are popular! :-)

13th July

Melissa in Girlfriend Magazine
I've scanned Melissa's article in August's "Girlfriend" Magazine. It's available here.

1 Dollar Bill
I've finally scanned the 1 USD bill I bought off eBay recently. The scan is here.

Too long since the last update..
Well, there's really no excuse for my laziness in updating this page, so I won't even attempt to give you one. Lots of stuff has been purged to the old news page, so if you haven't been here for a while, check it out
OK, what's happened recently.. not much. I've tried to make up the news entries I should have put here days ago..

Silencing Mary
Silencing Mary will be shown on NBC on Saturday the 19th, at 9PM.
The plot outline from TV-NOW is:
"University officials and football players harass a crusading coed whose roommate was raped by the star quarterback."

12th July

Melissa in Girlfriend Magazine
I bought the August edition of Girlfriend Magazine today, it has a 4 page article on Melissa's movie "Sabrina Down Under". Lots of great pictures, I'll scan the pages soon..

My keyring arrives
I purchased a keyring off eBay recently, and it finally arrived today. It's great, and well worth what it cost (don't ask). Here's the eBay sample photo.

11th July

Melissa's "Movieline" appearance

Melissa appears on the cover of August's "Movieline", see that here.

10th July

Nothing's happening..
Well, it seems all quiet on the Melissa front. No exciting news for the last fews days..

6th July

Melissa's ET appearance
Melissa was on ET today, in a story about the making of Britney Spears' new video for her song "You Drive Me Crazy". Melissa appears in this video.. Unfortunately I havn't digitised and made it available yet, as I was installing a new hard drive when it was on, and now it seems that my computer doesn't want to let me do video capture.. so it looks like I'm heading for a reinstall of my favourite OS yet again (that's sarcasm BTW) Anyway.. once I have finally digitised the appearance it will be available from the Entertainment Tonight page.

5th July

No News!
(For the last couple of days anyway).
I hope in this case "no news is good news" :-)

2nd July

Vote for my website!
Whoops.. I thought that the Australian Internet Awards voting closed today.. turns out it's not until the 6th August (it's actually the nominations that close today). Even though the 6th August is a while off, please vote now, so you don't forget :-)
Karen Wilson's Melissa site has also been nominated. have a look at it, and then vote for what you think is the better site.
Here's how to vote for my website (only if you think it's better)
If you have any suggestions on how I can make this site better, even if it's just reporting a typo, spelling error, or broken link, please email me

June 1999

26th June

New credits page.
I wanted to give credit to those who deserve it :-)

Sabrina Competition!

I was looking at a story about Melissa at www.tvguide.com, and I saw the above banner.
Of course, I had to click on it. The first thing I did was read the conditions at the bottom of the page (make sure you read these!).
I wish you good luck if you enter, I wish you even better luck in qualifying to enter.
(Sorry if I sound a bit bitter, but if you haven't worked it out yet, I don't qualify)
This link does not appear to work recently.. even if you follow it through from the "Win It" section at www.cosmogirl.com.

25th June

The mail's here!
I received my "Melissa Joan Hart one dollar bill" in the mail today (finally).
I'll put a scan up soon. It's brilliant!

Page updated
I finally updated my bike safety chat page, and added that vidcap I've been threatening to do for a while :-)
See the vidcap here, or see the updated page here

Melissa attended a chat on AOL.
You can read the transcript here.

24th June

My Melissa Joan Hart fansite has been nominated in the Australian Web Awards.

Please vote for my site.
I'm not trying to hurry anyone along, but voting closes on the 2nd of July.

23rd June

My Fansite takes 1000 hits!
Stefan was the 1000th visitor, you can view the screenshot here

22nd June

New Entertainment Tonight page
I've added a new Entertainment Tonight page featuring all of Melissa's recent ET appearances.
(Mainly so I could move all the old ET news headlines from this section :-)

Melissa was on ET again
This time she was at the premiere of "Big Daddy" starring Adam Sandler.
Melissa was asked if she believed Adam could have kids, and she answered "sure, he's old enough" and then said "ooh, that's mean!".
I don't think it was mean, but then, that's just me :-) (and I'm still single BTW :-).
You can grab a video from the Entertainment Tonight page :-)

20th June

Retouched Photo
I spent a bit of time retouching a well known picture of Melissa, it looks a bit better than the original, (I just softened her skin a bit, to remove the "blotchiness" from the scan).
You can see it here. I haven't decided if I'll add it to the menu yet :-) (basically because I can't think of a good, really short description of it :-).
John Porter, creator of "SuperStar Clarissa" loves this picture. You can read about it in his current editorial

19th June

Sabrina Winamp skin now available
From the multimedia downloads page.
I found this to be a bit hard to use, since most of the buttons, and sliders, are not shown.
I spent a couple of hours adding them.
I didn't make this to start with, and I have been unable to find out who did, if you did, or know who did, please email me.
My update is a work in progress, and I will make it available at various stages of the update :-)
Here's the current stage of my update. Basically i've only added a volume slider so far.

Melissa featured in FHM's "100 sexiest women".
The scans are now available.
Here's the large picture, and here's the equivalent of Melissa's life story written on the back of a postage stamp :-)

Melissa in July edition of "TV Hits" magazine.
One scan is available here.
This appearance was quite disappointing I thought, it is a really awful picture of Melissa, and I can't wait to delete this picture.
I also found another picture in the magazine, of the Sabrina game, it is here

13th June

Melissa online chat
On the 12th June, Melissa atteneded an online chat, at www.bikehelmet.org to support "get the helmet habit".
I had a couple of questions answered, you can read them here.
You can also read the entire transcript here with major thanks to Daniel Franz :-)

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