The Lava Lamp page :-)        

This is a really pointless page. it is just a page about lava lamps, and the fact that there are three in Sabrina's Bedroom.
I will make some pictures of Sabrina's lava lamps available soon.

I only put this page here, because I made some posts to the Clarissa mailing list, thinking that the lava lamps in Sabrina's room had changed, ie I remembered seeing a blue and white one, in one episode, and a red one in another episode. When I did some investigation, I discovered that there was in fact two lamps in her room. However, when I was watching the "Boy Was My Face Red" episode, I noticed there was yet another lava lamp in Sabrina's room...

I don't even have one lava lamp, let alone three... I really like the look of the blue and white one, now I just need to find a place in Australia that sells them :-)

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