Tuesday, August 08, 2006

OK, so here's attempt 2 at configuring mythtv. I managed to find some documentation, surprisingly, at http://www.mythtv.org/docs, the bit I was interested in here.

However, before running myth-setup again, there's a few bits and pieces I had to do, mainly setting up the guide data feed etc. I found this page.

(Considering the nvidia driver install was mentioned as part of that documentation, maybe I should try reading the rest of it).

I downloaded tv_grab_au. I'm not sure if it's the one I want to use, because I know there's one that's been modified to work against the oztivo guide database, which I'd prefer to use.

I had some issues with sudo as the mythtv user, it would accept the password, but then not do anything.

Without tv_grab_au in place still, I ran the mythtv-setup again, and followed the instructions in the proper docs.

When it got to calling tv_grab_au, I got an error, as expected, but this happened before, and myth still sort of worked.

I would have been unable to configure it through vnc anyway, since I can't pass the alt+tab through vnc to switch to the terminal.

I discovered the sudo issue was because I hadn't added the mythtv user to the admin group, so it wasn't allowed to use sudo. I added mythtv to the admin group.

After that I installed xmltv (and the few other dependencies). I then went through and installed tv_grab_au as per the instructions.

I couldn't get a channel list though, because ~/.mythtv was empty, it didn't contain a file for me to link as the xmltv.conf file, and when I tried to list the channels, I got "ERROR: can't find DataSet for NSWReg - freesd".

A bit of googling, apparently d1 don't generate a full weeks worth of data everyday, and that's the problem. Apparently if I run it tomorrow it will work. Hmm. I might try to find doco on using the oztivo guide server instead.

It also could be because "d1.com.au does not yet have programs for the SD or HD Digital broadcasts for most of the regional areas.", so I should have entered the analogue source.

I went back, and redid the video source, with the analogue source, and got some channels. I then had to create the channels manually, and the screens don't match the documentation, so I don't know what to do there.

I created 1 channel manually, tried to watch tv, but now, instead of the static I got last night, I now get nothing.

I give up for now, maybe attempt 3 will be tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Did you get mythtv to work in the end?

11:19 PM  
Simon said...

Oops, I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing, instead of playing The Incredible Machine.

I'll schedule an outage on the server :-) and install the HDTV tuner I've borrowed, tomorrow night.

12:11 AM  

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