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This is the news archive of articles from 2000.

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December 2000

13th December

Melissa at Grinch Premiere
I posted a banner for The Grinch in my last update (which you can see just below :-) and while it wasn't really Melissa related, it now is, since Melissa attended the premiere of The Grinch. Pictures of that can be seen here

Family Man
I'll bet there's a good chance that Melissa will appear at the premiere of Family Man (although.. I imagine Melissa will only be able to do that if she's finished directing her Shirley Temple productions), so here's a link to "The Family Man"

November 2000

21st November

Melissa in Australia
Melissa's back over here again. Peta spotted her at a Backstreet Boys public appearance at Bondi, and met her. I haven't managed to find out why, or for how long Melissa is over here, but I think it's for the Shirley Temple biomovie that Melissa is working on, since it was due to start shooting soon. Maybe I've got a chance of meeting Melissa! :-) BTW, Peta has put a couple of pictures on her site, here.

12th November

Melissa in 2 Christmas specials
There are a couple of new Christmas specials to be shown this year, the whole story is available here, or excerpts:

* Wednesday, December 20 (9:00 10:00 PM ET/PT)
CHRISTMAS MIRACLES: Host Jennifer Love Hewitt and first-time elves, Richard Karn, Halle Berry, Melissa Joan Hart, and the cast of Sabrina the Teenaged Witch embark on a mission to find the true meaning of Christmas by fulfilling the wishes of "Dear Santa" letters. This special also includes stories of people who have witness true Christmas miracles.

* Friday, December 22 (12:30 1:00 PM ET/PT)
SANTA MOUSE AND THE RATDEER: Santa Mouse and his ratdeer find themselves lost with a broken sleigh on Christmas Eve. Frustrated and cold, they are ready to give up. Little Rosie Mouse spots the disgruntled bunch and invites them into her home. Radiating with holiday spirit, Rosie inspires Santa Mouse and his team, saving Christmas for everyone! This original holiday special features the voices of Melissa Joan Hart and Emily Hart.

STAS becomes CD-ROM game
Sabrina the Animated Series has now become an "interactive PC game", you can read about it here, and also here.

Another Movie
I've decided to put another movie banner on my site. I went and saw a great Aussie movie the other day, "The Dish", and the trailer for "The Grinch" was shown before it, I don't like Jim Carrey, but I think I don't mind him in this because I can't see his face (although, I didn't like "The Mask" :-)

October 2000

10th October

AOL Kids Fall Preview
MeJoHart informs me that Melissa is featured in the "AOL Kids Fall Preview" section, and that it contains 8 pictures of Melissa, and one of the STTW cast. I'm not sure of a URL for this one.. but maybe a search at AOL.com would get somewhere?

Interview with Melissa
Eric Burkhart mentioned that an interview with Melissa appeared in the premiere (October) issue of the magazine "Sweet16.com", including a 2 page interview, and a quarter page picture of Melissa. Melissa is also reported to have made appearances in the October editions of both "Young and Modern", and "BOP", the November issue of "Sophisticates Hairstyles", and finally the Fall issue of "Teen Movieline".

Entertainment Weekly
Information from "P.J.".. Melissa appears in the September 29 issue of "Entertainment Weekly", and you can view the images here.

Meet the Parents
I recieved a video of Melissa content the other day, and on it there was a trailer for the movie "Meet the Parents", starring Robert De Niro.. I thought the movie looked really good, so I'll be going to see it as soon as it opens, and I decided to put a link to it here. OK, I know this isn't strictly Melissa related.. :-)

Mattias asked me to link to his site, so here it is www.mjhart.com

September 2000

No updates

August 2000

26th August

David Turner's Melissa Site
David Turner asked me to provide a link to his site, and since he asked so politely, I decided I would put a link to his site (it's only taken me 2 weeks or so to get around to it :-) anyway, you can see his site here.

If you've sent me any email lately, and not received a reply yet, don't dispair. I recently had some trouble with email reciept (my mailserver kept going off line, and when it was up, it would only receive mail, stopping me from replying). If you received any "bounce" messages regarding expiring email, then please send it again, if you didn't get any errors back, then I have it, but it's among the few hundred I have to reply to yet (there's at least 2 weeks worth here..)

New Sabrina episodes on UK Nickelodeon
Lyndon Franklin informs me that at the beginning of September, new episodes will be shown on Nickelodeon in the UK. The series that will be shown is the one where the first episode of the series guest stars Britney Spears (I can't remember what series this is (the fourth?) I've lost track). Lyndon also mentioned that Melissa appeared in UK FHM magazine recently, and it contained a reprint of the interview where Melissa stated that she wouldn't have a problem doing a pictorial for Playboy (I think this was the Bikini interview).

9th August

Sam Skillern's "MJH 2000"
Sam Skillern wanted me to provide a link to his website.. I had a look at it, and I was impressed. That's why I've given it a news story, as well as a link on the links page. You can see it here.

July 2000

No updates

June 2000

17th June

Melissa on public transport in NY
An article appeared in "The Wichita Eagle" on May 29, and since it's pretty short, rather than paraphrase, I'll just reproduce it here:
Oops! . . . I locked us out
She sold 12 million albums, but Britney Spears can't get a ride. The teen temptress was partying with actress Melissa Joan Hart last week when her chauffeur sheepishly hit her with some bad news, reports New York Magazine. He had locked the keys in the car. The driver and Britney's bodyguard scratched their heads for almost an hour, and even some passing police officers joined in to help, searching behind wheel fenders of the black SUV in an attempt to locate a hidden key. Finding none, Spears and company were forced to settle for some less-flashy wheels: They hailed a cab

I don't really like the thought of Melissa on public transport in NY, especially a NY taxi :-)

12th June

STTW movies in UK
I've been advised by Lyndon Franklin that Sabrina Down Under is now showing on satellite and cable television around once a week and ocasionally Sabrina Goes To Rome. (All on Sky premiere movie channel). Lyndon also advised me that Melissa was voted number 84 in the British FHM magazine "World's 100 Sexiest Women".

4th June

Melissa to appear onstage
Melissa will be starring in "The Vagina Monologues". Sounds like a very interesting stage production. Melissa will be appearing between June 27 and July 9. Tickets can be purchased as well as a lot of other info, on the official site here. Thanks to Patrick Catullo for the info!

STTW pilot aired
The original STTW movie, the pilot for the series, was shown on Australian TV yesterday. Sorry for not giving a warning.. there wasn't time :-)

May 2000

30th May

Site cleanup
I finally got myself motivated, and I spent a while on the site, the main thing I've done is fix the counters, and a couple of other html problems I noticed. If you find anything broken, typos etc, please let me know.

19th May

STTW on Fox, err, WB
Melissa attended an organsied meeting between WB actors and advertisers the other day, and "flubbed". Melissa's making her speech "Sabrina was great on ABC, but it's the perfect show for Fox, err, I mean WB". I was shocked and felt great sympathy in the first seconds after reading it, but then I was unable to stop laughing. Thanks Melissa, you made my day.

April 2000

26th April

You may have noticed that my hit counters aren't working.. (I just have). It seems that the lovely people that I used to work for have changed some configuration so that they don't work.. ok, no problem, I can handle that.. but they also changed the root password on my webserver, so I can't install my own counter (or do any maintenance on my webserver). I don't know at what point I will be able to fix these counters.. (I'm now trying to find out if my hosting provider offers a counter). This is just to let you know that I am aware of the problem (not that anyone has emailed me about it yet).

25th April

Melissa at KCAs
OK, Melissa won the Best Actress award at the Kids Choice Awards, as I mentioned briefly previously (Congratulations! :-).. but a news article that came out about it mentioned that Melissa arrived at the KCAs in tears and was comforted by her male companion. An eBay auction has popped up here, so you can see the pictures for yourself of Melissa arriving. I don't like to see her looking upset as she does here.

24th April

Melissa's Birthday
I forgot to mention that it was Melissa's birthday the other day, I didn't forget that it was her birthday, I just forgot to mention it in that major events list the other day.. I should be ashamed :-) (Anyway.. there's always the countdown up near the top that would have told you that anyway :-) I sent Melissa another card, but I'll bet she would have received thousands of cards.

21st April

It starts again!
I have decided that I will attempt to keep the site up to date again. I'm not going to go in to great detail about the recent Melissa news that has passed while I wasn't updating the site, I'll just mention the events (off the top of my head) which were: Melissa received Best Actress award at the Kids Choice Award for Drive Me Crazy, and Melissa just competed in the Long Beach Grand Prix Celebrity Race again this year.

March 2000

No updates

February 2000

20th February

Melissa at the AMA
Melissa appeared at the American Music Awards, to introduce Beck. I digitised the appearance, and also took a couple of vidcaps. You can see it all here. Caroline Rhea also appeared, I haven't digitised that yet (don't know if I will actually.. Melissa is my true love and motivation for this site :-)

19th February

Melissa in Feb issue of TV Hits
I've finally managed to complete retyping and scanning the Melissa content of the February issue of TV Hits magazine (quite a bit of stuff actually), you can see it all here, including an edited version of the Drive Me Crazy poster I spent some time doing :-)

11th February

Slack again
Well, yet again I have been apallingly slack with this site.. but, I'll put that down a few things (besides sheer laziness :-) my new job is keeping me nice and tired, and giving me no spare time, when I do have time, I have to fight an incredibly slow telnet connection to read/post email, or to code HTML. Anyway.. here we go for this bi-monthly update (that's how it's ended up anyway).

Drive Me Crazy
DMC finally opened! I went in to the city, and I watched DMC on the first day it came out, it was absolutely great! I thought it was one of Melissa's best ever roles, she was just brilliant. Go and see this movie, I intend to see it a few more times while I can.

Fergface's birthday
Sunday will be Fergbreath's birthday, not Jason Zimbler that played him, but the character.. I only mention this, since I share the birthday :-)

Bare Witch
Keith Kelly sent me this scan recently, I'll give credit to "Skip Scans" since they've logo'd the scan. I can't tell you what magazine it is from.

Article about Melissa in The Sun
An article about Melissa, and her drinking in particular, appeared in the UK Sun on the 28th January. You can read it here thanks to Peter Hill.

Blair Witch Project
Wow.. for once I actually have to type Blair and not Bare! anyway, here's the Blair Witch spoof ad that appeared in the TV Guide recently, which I reported earlier. It's pretty funny :-)

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer
Melissa intends to remake the 1947 movie, you can read more about it here and here.

Melissa in Playboy
You wish. There's a small picture of Melissa at the Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion, in the current issue. Scan ASAP.

STTW guest Starring..
Dick Van Dyke guest stars on the February 25th episode of STTW.

Maxim pictures
Yet another picture from the infamous maxim shoot has shown up, it's just a variation on one of the ones used in the shoot.. you can see it on the Maxim page.

January 2000

30th January

Mattias' page
Mattias asked me to provide a link to his page, which is here. Have a look. (Gee.. I'll have to delay pulling the old news off the site now.. or else this link will only be here for a couple of days :-)

German release of DMC
Drive Me Crazy, which was going to be released as "Next To You" in Germany (the film's original title) is now going to be released as Drive Me Crazy, and the current date (which seems to be changing as much as the Australian one) is May 18th.

Melissa and the Mouse
Melissa will be appearing in an advertising campaign for Mickey Mouse which is going to be run on Super Bowl Sunday, you can read more about this here and here

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Project
I've heard that the January 29 - February 4 issue of TV Guide contains a parody of the Blair Witch ad. I haven't seen it yet, so if someone could send me a scan it would be greatly appreciated.

"Shabrina the Teenage Wish"
No, it's not a spin off series about an alcoholic witch, it's the very harsh title of an article about Melissa that ran in the UK Sun recently. I'll convert this and put it on my site soon.

23rd January

Tanqueray party
Melissa was spotted as one of the celebrities at the recent Tanqueray London Import Party. You can read more about it all here.

Vote for Melissa (again)
There's yet another poll with Melissa as one of the candidates, you can see/vote here.

3 star site
My fansite has become a 3 star site, thanks to all the people who've voted for me, you have made this happen. If you haven't voted for my site yet (or would like to again), you can use the "Star Pages vote here" button on the menu, or click here. I'd love to get to be a 4 star site :-)

18th January

Melissa in "Entertainment Weekly"
An article about Melissa appeared in the January 21-28 2000 issue of "Entertainment Weekly" magazine. Andrew Marchand supplied me with a scan of the column, so I've transcribed it, and you can see the picture and text here.

Mattias Sandin supplied me with this picture (which you probably seen before), so it's now been added to the Maxim page.

15th January

Melissa and Emily appear in an article in the February 2000 issue of "Teen" magazine. I've got a couple of scans, you can see them here. Unfortunately, I don't have the text of the article yet.. that will probably appear on the Teen magazine website before anywhere else. (Unless you want to buy the magazine, and retype the article, OCR it, or send me a scan of the article :-)

13th January

Big Hit
Melissa appeared in the two recent issues of Australian "Big Hit" magazine. You can see the appearance from the January 2000 issue here, and the appearance in the December 1999 issue here.

Melissa in TV Hits 2000
A small picture of Melissa and Salem appeared in the January 2000 issue of Tv Hits, to say that Salem attracts some of STTW's viewers. You can see that picture here

12th January

Slack again
When will I get myself organised and get back on track? I wish I knew. Again, apologies to anyone wanting Melissa news.. I've been getting my standard fix of Melissa news, I've just been really slack taking it from my email and rephrasing it onto this page.. Oh well, here goes:

Melissa polls
There's been a couple of polls involving Melissa setup, the first is here and the second is here

Website about "magic"
Donald Ferry found this page about the magic done in Sabrina. I found it quite interesting.

Melissa at NASCAR
Melissa was present at NASCAR Rocks, a festival where music meets racing. You can read about it here.

Melissa (well, her voice anyway) appears in the new straight-to-video release of "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker", to be released Nov 7th this year. Melissa voices the twins both called "Dee-Dee". Read more here.

Melissa on New Years
Well, I'm sure you want to know how Melissa spent New Years (it must have been better than I did, but anyway..). The story we got beforehand, of Melissa's plans for New Years, were for her to be cohosting Wax's millennium extravaganza at the Shelborne Beach Resort in Miami, with Perry Farrell. The article appeared in the NY Post, so I may get around to converting it to HTML.. probably not. I still want to know how that actually went off..

Vote for Melissa!
Melissa has been nominated in the TV Guides Awards (of course! :-), so go here and vote for Melissa!

Melissa goes to the movies
Melissa was at the premiere of "Play it to the Bone" on the 10th, at the El Capitan Theatre. Read more here

I earlier reported that a WWF superstar was going to appear on Sabrina.. seems I said the wrong WWF superstar.. it's going to be "Bad Ass Bill Gunn" or "Mr Ass" (yeah, really attractive name), and he's going to end up wrestling with Melissa and Salem.. can't say I like that idea, but it'll be years before I see the episode anyway. You can read more here.

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